I spent about two weeks of my holidays painting this set of 4 acrylic portraits of characters from Twin Peaks.  Pretty pleased with how they turned out, especially Audrey.

I’m thinking that I might be able to sell them on the internet to some rabid Twin Peaks fans, maybe $200 for the set, since I spent 100+ hours on it and paint and canvas and shit is expensive?  I dunno if that’s overly optimistic, or if I should try to sell them separately.  Anyone got ideas on how best to go about this?

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    This is so amazing
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    This is amazing. It’s fucking beautiful. I’m in love. I’m actually willing to buy one of these
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  8. drobcoconut said: You should set up an etsy shop and scan these (or however you do it) and make prints. That way you can keep selling them…hope that makes sense.
  9. quentinkubrick answered: don’t sell them seperately! they all go so well together! and yes it seems like a good price, i’d totally buy it if i had enough $$
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